Socialist Party on governing alliance's fate after PSRM parliamentary faction meeting

Socialist Party leader Zinaida Greceanîi stated the governing alliance should be retained at any price. The statement was made after the Socialists convened a parliamentary faction meeting. 

"The coalition needs to be kept at any price. We will offer further details after a meeting tomorrow", said Zinaida Greceanîi. 

Moldova's President Igor Dodon also shares the same view. 

"We want to keep this parliamentary majority, we want to keep this Government because it's a chance for Moldova. However, our PSRM colleagues vehemently disagree with some initiatives which violate the Constitution and the agreement signed between PSRM and bloc ACUM. We made an exchange of opinions today and other discussions will also take place", Igor Dodon said. 

The head of state also announced other discussions scheduled on Friday: with the PSRM faction at 10:00, with the PAS faction at 11:00, with the DA faction at 12:00, Parliament meeting at 15:00. 

The government yesterday assumed responsibility for a draft law which provides for amendment of the rules for selecting candidates for the position of Prosecutor General. 

Under the proposed changes, the prime minister will be the one who will pre-select at least two candidates for the position of Prosecutor General. Subsequently, the list of candidates will be sent to the Superior Council of Prosecutors, who will submit to the head of state the nomination for the position of Prosecutor General.





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