Socialist Ion Ceban accused of nepotism in Chisinau City Hall

According to Deputy President of Our Party (Partidul Nostru) party Ilian Cașu, godmother of Socialist Ion Ceban's sister, Tatiana Bucearschi, was appointed as Health And Social Assistance Directorate Chief. 

"Chisinau Interim Mayor Adrian Talmaci named her as Health And Social Assistance Directorate Chief on July 12, before the municipal elections", wrote Ilan Cașu.

The information about the appointment was publicized on Chisinau City Hall's website. 

Ion Ceban has not commented on this information. 

Tatiana Bucearschi was the candidate on PSRM list for the post of counselor in Chisinau Municipal Council. 

Serving as Chief of Ciocana Social Assistance Directorate, she was accused of service abuse. Then, some employees accused her of humiliating and insulting them. Moreover, people said that she even requested money so that they could keep their jobs. Tatiana Bucearschia denied all accusations.  


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