Socialist candidate for parliamentary election claimed being involved in BEM theft, says local press

Socialist candidate on constituency no.34 (Anenii Noi) Alexandr Maţarin is suspected of involving in the fraud at Banca de Economii (BEM), writes Ziarul Naţional. 

According to the press, when Maţarin was the director of BEM in Anenii Noi, he favored illegally a brick factory to take a loan of 35 million lei. 

Later the BEM theft scandal was disclosed, that loan was declared nonperforming. 

He described this information as aberration on phone interview. 

"I propose that you address the case to central bank of BEM or another bank. Any information communicated to the press about economic agent or another economic agent must be well documented. Don't blather", said Alexandr Mațarin, PSRM candidate on constituency no. 34. 

Alexandr Mațarin is deputy director of a commercial bank in Anenii Noi. He will compete with other four candidates on Anenii Noi constituency.

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