Social media to block under-18s from sharing sexually explicit images online

Under 18s should by blocked by social media companies from being able to text sexually explicit images, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said.

Giving evidence to the Commons Health Committee on suicide prevention efforts, Mr Hunt also called for a crackdown on cyber bullying by the technology industry via the introduction of software that can detect when it is happening, according to Independent.

Mr Hunt said social media firms need to do more combat a culture of online intimidation, and sexual imagery which is impacting negatively on the mental health of young people.

“I think social media companies need to step up to the plate and show us how they can be the solution to the issue of mental ill health amongst teenagers, and not the cause of the problem.

“There is a lot of evidence that the technology industry, if they put their mind to it can do really smart things.

Members of the Health Committee urged Mr Hunt to put more resources into suicide prevention.

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