Social insurance budget increase, allocation raised for medical care

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved amendments to the State Social Insurance Budget Law and the Law on Mandatory Health Insurance Funds for 2018.

Both revenues and expenditures of the state social insurance budget for this year increase by 26,483,300 lei (26 million 481.3 thousand lei) and will represent 19,338,999,400 lei (19 billion 338 million 999.4 thousand lei).

The increase in expenditures was driven by the increase in the number of beneficiaries of social benefits and their average sizes, including following the implementation of some stages of the reform of the pension system. Thus, the most significant increase is aimed at achieving the subprogramme on protection of older persons - over 60 million lei. The sums allocated for social protection in connection with the loss of the tenant (+3.082 million lei), the social assistance of the persons with special needs (+17.93 million lei) will also increase.

In this context, Premier Pavel Filip mentioned that raising income to the social insurance budget is an indicator that the system starts to self-sustain. If so far there is a deficit of 1.3 billion lei, offset by the money allocated from the state budget, now this deficit starts to decrease and is offset by the extra income from the contributions to the social insurance budget (+294.5 million lei) .

"Maybe there are not such great results but it is an indicator that the effort I have made is fruitless: fewer cash-in-hand salaries, more contributions to the social security fund, and I have all the certainty and confidence that we will soon get to have a self-sufficient system, as they are in all developed countries, "said Pavel Filip.

Regarding the mandatory health insurance funds, the proposed amendments foresee an increase of the incomes and expenses of the compulsory health insurance funds by 74.3 million lei, up to 6,733,353.2 lei (6 billion 733 million 325.2 thousand lei.)

Most of the extra income - 50.94 million lei - will be directed to hospital care (interventional cardiology, prosthesis, cataract operator treatment, and anatomical correction of the spine and chest in children).

More than 10 million lei will be allocated for specialized outpatient care (ensuring universal access to tuberculosis diagnosis and active screening of precancerous breast conditions, provision of early intervention services for children, paraclinical investigations and consultations of specialist doctors). The remainder is intended to improve pre-hospital emergency care, primary health care, and high-performance medical services.

The amendments foresee also the increase of resources in the fund for the development and modernization of the public health service providers, for the strengthening of the capacities for prevention and early diagnosis of oncological diseases by bringing the respective services closer to the patient, including the village.
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