Social houses in Leova will be given in use earlier than planned

The social homes from Leova will be given in use in the summer of 2017, 6 months earlier than planned. It was announced by the minister of Construction, Vasile Batca, after inspecting the construction site.

Until now, the works were fulfilled by 70%. Were built three houses, was built the roof and were carried out works of interior finish.

The 92 families will go to their new homes in July 2017.

The news made the young specialists glad.

The value of the project is of 3.4 million euro, and 35% consists of the contribution of local authorities. The state managed to save money thanks to the fact that in the area was already a house built a few years ago.

From the social homes will benefit the large families, the young ones, or the families having children with disabilities.

Also, the apartments will be available for the young specialists in medicine or social assistance. They will have to pay a contribution, which value will be established later.

The interested persons may apply starting with November 2016, and a special commission will select the eligible ones.

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