Social campaign "The gift from the shoebox" starts for second time in Moldova

Each of us can become Santa Claus. On eve of winter holidays, an NGO from Chisinau launched the campaign "The gift from the shoe box". It aims to collect essentials that will reach children from poor families in the country. The campaign will last until December 20, 2016.

In the first minutes after launching the campaign, many young people brought a few boxes with gifts.

Coming from abroad, the campaign "The gift from the shoe box" is organized for the second year in Moldova. The idea is simple, those who want to bring a smile, are donating shoeboxes full of gifts for children in need.

The gift from the shoebox can be assembled very simple. A soap, a shampoo, a brush and a toothpaste, toys, sweets or a pair of shoes. The value of such a package is between 15 and 20 euros. But for children from socially vulnerable families that gift is worth a fortune.

The organizers come with the request for the gifts to be new. And donors are asked not to put in them perishable goods.

"Since we offer a beautifully wrapped box with colorful ribbon, and even if the child does not understand, however, when he opens the box he should find new things selected obligatorily for him", said the organizer Doina Cernavca.

At the first edition were collected 375 gifts. This year, organizers have already been contacted by several officers in all parts of the world. And the first 140 boxes will come from London, UK.

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