Soap opera in Telenesti. What happened with girl sequestered in sauna?

The case of the 17 year old teenager who spend many days in a sauna from Telenesti with a 47 year old man changed have changed. The medical expertise proved the girl wasn't raped, moreover, the people of the law say he had a relationship with the aggressor, informs

The police was called by a friend of the girl, as her parents didn't find it suspected that their daughter is missing for a couple of days. The girl's friend called the police and announced her friend is missing since January 3.

People of the law found the minor hiding in the sauna where the man was working as a guardian. When she noticed the police revealed them, she made a complain that the man took her by force, to avoid the further explanations to her parents.

 Anyway, within the investigations, people of the law established that within those five days, the girl and the man spend those days together, they walked in Telenesti and even went in a cafe. The girl lied about the violence, as she told the police she is in a relationship with the man for four years and they have sexual relations for two years.

After the medical expertise, the doctors established that within those days, they didn't have sexual contact, because of the physiological reasons.

Alexei Vrajitoru, the chief of Telenesti Inspectorate says the man was detained for 72 hours and the police opened a criminal case. Also, he said that the girl's parents are alcoholics and her family is poor.

 "As a conclusion to this case, the girl is in a free relationship with the man. During this period, she has always have the possibility to run, but she didn't do it. The minor told us she was in a long relationship with the man", said Vrajitoru for

People of the law established that within the audiences, girl's mother confirmed her 17 year old girl had a relationship with a 47 year old man. Moreover, according to the police, the mother of the teen girl was going very often to that sauna. writes that most probably, the case will be closed and the man won't be punished.


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