Snowing all over Moldova! Drivers are urged to be more careful

It is snowing nearly all over Moldova. In Ocnița, Briceni, Râșcanu, Glodeni, Florești, Edineț, Șoldănești, Soroca, Sângerei, Ungheni, Nisporeni, Hâncești, Taraclia and Cahu regions, the roads are covered in snow.

Therefore, to avoid any accidents, drivers are urged:

- Do not attempt to drive if your car does not have winter tires;

- Check the car's heating system, antifreeze, windscreen wiper and water jet;

- Check the brakes;

- Remember that the vehicle must be equipped with anti-skidding clips, shovel, scraper and sandbag;

- If you plan to journey out of the region, drivers need to fill their thanks with sufficient fuel and have a blanket in the car;

- If the vehicle begins to skid, DO NOT HIT THE BRAKES!

- Use proper speed when driving;

- It would be best to have a flashlight, a thermos with tea and a full phone battery.

Patrol officers were dispatched to national roads to ensure the safety of citizens.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, immediately call for the nearest patrol team, or on 902.

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