Snap starts selling Spectacles online in the US for $130

Snap wants to prove to investors in its upcoming IPO that Spectacles can earn money for its business, not just be a brand stunt. So, Snap begins selling its video-recording sunglasses Spectacles openly online for $129.99 in the US at, techcrunch reports. 

Previously it only dispensed them from Snapbot vending machines in surprise locations and its NYC pop-up store for the last three months.

Snap has now closed that pop-up, and tells me “Snapbots will continue to land in surprising locations around the U.S. following a brief “nap” :) “. Buyers should expect to wait two to four weeks for their Spectacles to ship, and they can also buy $49.99 charging cases and $9.99 charging cords, which will no longer be sold on Amazon.

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