SMURD heroes, DECORATED post-mortem by president Klaus Iohannis

The four SMURD heroes, that have lost their lives in the air crash in Cantemir, were decorated post-mortem. The decrees were signed by the president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis.

Thus, for the high professionalism and the sacrifice spirit proved in many missions of saving people’s lives, in which participated within the framework of Medical Service of Emergency, Extrication and Reanimation (SMURD) Iasi, president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, has honored post-mortem:

- National Order "For Merit" in the grade of Knight, to physician Dumea Mihaela;

- National Cross "Faithful Service" III-rd class to nurse Sandu Adrian-Gabriel;

- National Order "For Merit" in the grade of Knight, with a sign for military, to commander Gavril Ilie Doru and captain-commander Socae Constantin-Voicu.

The decorations were made at the suggestion of Minister of Health, Vlad Vasile Voiculescu, and Minister of Interior, Petre Toba.

 PUBLIKA.MD reminds that SMURD chopper has departed to Cahul on Thursday, around 13:00, in order to take a patient, USA citizen, which had to be transported to Chisinau. At 14:13, the aircraft has disappeared of the radar, and after that has appeared the information regarding its crash near Haragis village, Cantemir district.

On the board of the helicopter was a crew of four people, a woman and three men, all from Romania.

Unfortunately, none of them managed to survive the crash.

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