Small Delegation led by Shoygu for the so-called 'official' visit in Moldova numbers 30 people

The delegation of the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, who, at the invitation of the Moldovan President Igor Dodon, is coming to attend the events of August 24 dedicated to the “celebration of 75 years of liberation from fascism”, numbers 30 people, reports

Around 10 persons from the security staff of the Russian Minister have already arrived in the country, other 17 are expected to come tomorrow, and the last 15 people will land together with Shoygu, which will be on Saturday.

The sources said that from the delegation also takes part tens of officers, including several generals of the General Staff of the Russian army and of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Officially, for now it is known only about the attendance of Galina Karelova, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council.

While on Friday, August 23, the right wing politicians will commemorate the victims of the totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, on Saturday, August 24, the left wing parties will celebrate the “liberation of Moldova from the Fascist invaders”.

Furthermore, the Moldovan Minister of Defense, Pavel Voicu, was surprised when the Prime Minister Maia Sandu told him she cannot sign any permission for the Russians’ visit, because not all the procedures have been followed.

“As you haven’t taken all the legal steps, this visit is not an official one. As follows, the Government is not involved in this visit and cannot sign permissions or official agreements. As any other foreign citizen, Mr Shoygu can visit the Republic of Moldova as individual, but your meeting cannot have an official character, and you cannot sign any agreements,” mentioned Maia Sandu.

The official said she found out only on Monday from Igor Dodon about this visit. Suspicious is the fact that, although she found out only two days ago, she added that the visit of Shoygu was long ago scheduled for the end of August.
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