Slusari's interests mean others' poverty. How DA leaders want to enrich

Talk about dignity and truth, but in reality think only about the money from people’s pockets. The leaders of DA Platform Party, of fugitive convicts Victor and Viorel Topa, are promoting the interests of a close group of farmers, which want to get rich on the poor people’s backs.

Alexandru Slusari, one of the deputy presidents of the party, known for lies and attacks on inconvenient journalists, asks the Government to increase the purchase price for wheat and is threatening with protests.

Slusari,who is the exponent of great agrarians, wants for his bosses a price of at least 2.5 lei for 1 kilogram of crops, in comparison with 2.2 lei, the actual price.

Neither Slusari, nor his bosses are deranged by the fact that the increase of wheat price may lead to a higher orice of bread, the basic food of people with low income.


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