Slovakia reiterates its support for Republic of Moldova

The actual subjects of Moldovan-Slovakia agenda were discussed today by Pavel Filip, the Prime Minister of Moldova and Dušan Dacho, the Ambassador of Slovak Republic to Republic of Moldova. The officials discussed about the advanced level of the relations between these two countries.

The Prime Minister appreciated the support of Slovakia Republic in fulfilling the reforms in our country through the European Integration. The chief of the Government talked about the reforms they managed to fulfill during this period and said that the basis of the Governmental agenda is the Association Agreement with the European Union.

At his turn, Dusan Dachp confirmed that the Slovak Republic of available to support our country. Also, the official said he hopes on a further development of relationship between Moldova and Slovak Republic.

The officials exchanged their opinions about the development projects realized with Slovakian support. Our country ranks third in the list of the countries that benefit of financial assistance from Bratislava countries.



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