Slipknot about their new member's identity: It's nobody's business

Slipknot are keeping their mystery new member’s identity under wraps - so fans can make up their own minds who it is, reports

The mystery percussionist has taken the place of Chris Fehn, who left Slipknot in March, with some fans suggesting it could be Shawn 'Clown' Crahan's son Simon.

When Kerrang asked Corey Taylor and Crahan in a recent interview if they’d be willing to divulge the member’s identify, they were told, 'No'.

Crahan added: 'The position you may or may not be talking about is nobody’s business. The proof is in the pudding'. Crahan also said fans would have the chance to make up their own minds when Slipknot head out on tour in the coming weeks.

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