Sleet destroyed over 100 hectares of orchards and grapes in the past few days

The sleet from a few days ago has destroyed nearly 30 hectares of orchards and 11 hectares of grapes in Pârjolteni village, Călăraşi district. Another 70 hectares of orchards were damaged in Horodişte settlement.

The damages were estimated by a commission from Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations Service. According to the data, the sleet also caused havoc in Drochia district.

Over 180 hectares of sugar beet were destroyed in Mândâc and Drochia villages.

At the beginning of the month, sleet caused damages in Chircăieşti and Căuşeni village.

Nearly 500 hectares of sunflowers and 90 hectares of canola were destroyed. The storm also affected 7 hectares of orchards.

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