Six thousand people evacuated, as Manaro volcano threatens to erupt

6 000 people were forced to flee their houses, on a island located in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu. 

Since 2005, the Manaro volcano on Ambae had been active, but recently it has started rising fears among residents of an eruption.

National Disaster Management Office Director Shadrack Welegtabit said that Vanuatu will declare an emergency on the island, after the volcano's activity rose to level four, for the first time, over the weekend.

Authorities warned villagers near Manaro to expect volcanic gas, airborne rocks and ash. They also don't exclude the fact that acid rain might damage crops.

Welegtabit also mentioned that out of 10 000 people living on the island, those from the north and south are most vulnerable. Therefore, they were moved to community halls and schools from the east and west.

Source Fox News


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