Six new electric charging stations will be installed in Chisinau

During February-March, electric vehicle chargers will be set up on the following streets of the Buiucani district: Liviu Deleanu, Nicolae Costin, Ntefan Neaga, Grigore Alexandrescu, Columna and Ghidighici for free of charge for 12 months. 

This installation is part of a pilot project, implemented by the municipal authorities and an economic agent. 

The stations will be located near the public lighting pillars, at the entrance to the courtyards of the apartment blocks, on a specially designed platform designed for two cars. 

After 12 months of usage, people will have to download the service app and pay cost for charging their cars. 

In Chisinau there are several electric vehicle charges (private and public) arranged around commercial units or in the parking lots of office buildings.


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