SIS former deputy general manager views Vladimir Plahotniuc as patriot

PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc was described as patriot to publish the video of his talk with Igor Dodon on the federalization of Moldova. Valentin Dediu, the former deputy general manager of Information and Security Service, also talked about Moldova's political situation, the Russian interests as well why Moscow would have a government of PSRM with ACUM bloc. 

Former SIS adjunct director claims that such a political duality has seen only in Venezuela.

"When Democratic Party and Vlad Plahotniuc released the video, it showed that Igor dodon intended to promote the expense of Moldovan interests, state securities, in expense of Russian politics. Moreover, it also requires another party to participate in these illegal activities, so he is a patriot", said Dediu.

Europa Liberă: ..  But Vlad Plahotniuc has Russian citizenship?

Valentin Dediu: This is problem of Russia and of Russia with him, because many Moldovan people now have citizenship of Moldova, Russia, Romania. Regarding Dodon, we don't know if he has citizenship of Russia or Romania, but he is a traitor and the consequences may be followed after his activities and financing are documented", added Valentin Dediu.





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