SIS Director: We will investigate any case of illegal financing of the parties

The Information and Security Service will investigate any case of illegal financing of the parties. The declaration was made in the Parliamentary plenary by the new general director of the service, Alexandr Esaulenco.

'As I know, the financing (from abroad of the parties) it's illegal. If we will find out, will investigate', declared Esaulenco.

We remind that PUBLIKA.MD published a short film, in which is clear that Igor Dodon says that he is receiving money from Russians, for PSRM's maintaining. He reproduced a discussion that he had with Kozak.
Dodon:- I have two-month debts towards the party, what should I do next? Kozak says that you will come to power and you must give me money.
Dodon: -I must ask Plahotniuc? and Kozak answered me: No, I will tell him about this.
Vlad Plahotniuc: -Listen, tell me, did they give you money for PSRM?
Igor Dodon: -Yes, for maintaining. We need 600 000 - 700 000 USD per month to one million.
Vlad Plahotniuc: I can't believe!
Igor Dodon: -You don't believe?
Vlad Plahotniuc: -Honestly, it doesn't exceed out personal actions for PDM's maintaining.
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