Singers Nicu Țărnă and Dana Marchitan align with Minister Chiril Gaburici for February elections

Moldovan talents support Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici. 

Singers Nicu Ţărna and Dana Marchitan have posted a video on social network to express their gratitude to him for involvement, responsibility, and supports for young talents in the Republic of Moldova.

Dana Marchitan believes her sector Ciocana will be more beautiful thanks to the minister's involvement. 

"We have known each other for over 15 years. You have proved your responsibility, involvement, competence and responsiveness, the most important qualities of a specialist. 

You're heard voices of generation of the 80s. You are part of us. Now it's time to demonstrate your qualities and in a supreme forum of the Republic of Moldova. 

We support you, we trust in everything you've done because you've done excellently. You have my support, the support of generation of 80s," said Gândul Mâţei, Nicu Ţărna, in a video.

"We had a beautiful experience MoldStar in 2015, it was a beautiful contest of my life, and then I met Chiril Gaburici, who was general manager of Moldcell company. I met him as a ordinary person, a benevolent person, who always smiled and did not even think that he was the director with the way he behaved.

I want my sector, Ciocana to be beautiful thanks to him. I want to support you, Mr. Chiril, as I know you personally and you have done great things. You supported talents in the Republic of Moldova. I want to send you my best wishes", said Dana Marchitan, on a social network.

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