Silvia Radu's statement on electoral campaign for Chisinau Mayor

The interim mayor of Chisinau has announced the project for the repair of the streets in the capital. Asked whether this is related to the electoral campaign that is approaching, the mayor has stated that this work has no attribution to the election and that it is the necessary work for any mayor.

Moreover, Silvia Radu said she yet decides to run for mayor of Chisinau.

"If you think road repair is related to an electoral campaign, I think you are wrong. This must be done every year or the beginning of the spring, it is a necessary thing for any city, I do not think it is a matter of electoral first of all because I did not announce myself as a candidate for the mayor's office. I am not yet determined to do so.

These major issues we have discussed in more than one meeting. Today we're going to organize everything and intervene next week", said Acting Mayor, Silvia Radu. 


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