Silvia Radu wishes to replace sand and salt with environmentally friendly material

Sand and salt will be replaced with ecologic skid proof materials starting next year. According to interim mayor of the Capital, Silvia Radu, the new substance will be cheaper and environmentally friendly.

"For one km of road are spent over 3 000 lei worth of salt and sand. If you take into consideration that around 40 - 50 liters of skid proof material is used per km, from it is 11 000 lei per ton, so for 24 hours, 17 000 lei worth of skid proof material is required" Silvia Radu explained.

Head of Green Spaces, Eliferii Hăruţa claims that after each winter, the plants from the Capital suffer from the salt and sand.

"It is not only trees, flowers and grass, but also the water, as everything flows into our lakes, in Bâc river and the environment is destroyed" Eliferii Hăruţa said.

The Mayor's optimism is not shared by those from Exdrupo, who claims that the new material requires new vehicles, the enterprise's car park owning only one vehicle which can spread liquid material.

"First of all, it would require for the car park to be renewed. Additionally, we need to train our employees, for them to be able to use said equipment" head of "Exdrupo", Ştefan Racu declared.

At the moment, the stocks of "Exdrupo" hold around 7 500 tons of salt and sand.

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