Silvia Radu to Igor Gamrețki: Look for jobs elsewhere. No places for offenders in City Hall

Mayor Silvia Radu appealed to the court's decision to reinstate former Chief of Chişinău Transport Directorate, Igor Gamreţki.

The Acing Mayor said that she does not want civil servants with criminal convictions to work in Chisinau City Hall.  

"It is not moral, it has been proved that Igor Gamreţki is an offender, so I think I must do everything possible to stop the return of this individual to the City Hall. 

"I have filed the appeal and I hope the Superior Court will give us the reason.

"I have an advice for Gamreţchi: You should look for a job elsewhere. As a Mayor, even Interim, I think there are no places for offenders in the City Hall", said Silvia Radu on Facebook.  

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that Igor Gamreţki was reinstated to Interim Director of Transport Directorate in the City Hall. 

Previously, the former chief received two years of suspended custody and a ban on serving public positions for three years.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court of Justice annulled the ban on Igor Gamreţki to hold public office for three years.

Igor Gamreţki received his punishment in the paid parking lot file. The case was examined in a simplified regime, as Gamretsky admitted his guilt.

He is accused of organizing the rigged auction for selecting companies to deal with parking facilities in the Capital.

Dorin Chirtoacă, current interim mayor Nistor Grozavu and businessman Alexandru Pincevschi are also in the same file.

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