Silvia Radu scolded employees during City Council meeting

Silvia Radu has scolded public employees and asked them to be more responsible and efficient. After exchanging words with Oleg Poiată, chief of Department of Transport, reminding him who is in charge and requesting he leaves.

"-Let me explain.

-I do not need any explanations. I need to continue on with my work. Please leave his building. That is all. I am your chief. Mr. Poiată are you deaf by change? I requested you leave."

Tension between Silvia Radu and Oleg Poiată begun from the moment the interim Mayor requested an action plan to ease traffic.

The Department came up with multiple suggestions, but all claimed as advice by Radu and not projects, which also include expenses.

"I have yet to understand how we will ease traffic next year" interim Mayor declared.

Later, at her request, Oleg Poiată returned to his seat.

Next, she rebuked Petru Gontea, chief of the Communal Dwelling Directorate. He came up with an action plan for city sanitation, which displeased the interim Mayor.

"The directorate requires 123 million lei. Plus the green spaces association needs 54 million lei" Petru Gontea said.

"What do you mean by "you need"? Maybe I also need many things. You must approach this matter correctly. If more money are required, you must point our exactly how they will be used" Silvia Radu explained.

Nor others were spared. The interim Mayor has shown displeasure toward the way City Hall employees are working.

"Managing Chisinau City Hall is like a land mine, it can explode at any moment. All those explosions will harm the citizens" Silvia Radu said.

The official was also angry regarding the protest that are daily held in Chisinau, as well as that people come displeased to the City Hall.

After discussions, the interim Mayor concluded that all troubles appeared from the public employee's carelessness.

Here Radu spoke of the protests from Truşeni commune, where people complained that they lacked transportation to reach Chisinau, as well as the issues at the Mihai Eminescu Lyceum from the Capital.

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