Silvia Radu requested for the Capital to become spotless by Easter

All the waste littering the Capital was revealed after a few days when all snow melted and rain fell. Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu expressed her displeasure regarding the state the City is in and requested for it to be cleaned before Easter.

"I request for Chisinau to be cleaned, for economic agents responsible for this to be inspected. I wish the City to be spotless by Easter. If the main streets are rather clean, then wandering into a neighborhood is a true nightmare" Silvia Radu said.

The interim Mayor has also suggested for responsible authorities to spend less time in their offices and more time on the field:

"People pray for snow to fall again and cover the trash. Leave your offices and go on site. I have requested this of you before, but apparently you do not understand."

Silvia Radu wishes for this problem to be solved and the City cleaned.

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