Silvia Radu new interim of Capital and Ruslan Coreanu new vice mayor

The former President of Gas Natural Fenosa company, Silvia Radu is the new interim of the Capital. The announcement was made this morning by Nistor Grozavu, who quit the job. At the same time, the municipal adviser, Ruslan Codreanu was called in function of vice mayor. According to Grozavu, the decisions have the target to exceed the institutional blockage from the City Hall.

The disposition due to what Silvia Radu and Ruslan Codreanu were called in function of mayor and vice-mayor were signed this morning. Nistor Grozavu is convinced that in this way, the crisis from the City Hall will pass.

''As for me, Silvia Radu is a good candidate to modernize and manage the city efficiently. All of you know Ruslan Codreanu, he is a municipal adviser, he has a rich experience in the public administration and he is a very creative person'', said Nistor Grozavu.

Grozavu will be vice mayor, after what he gave up on his function of interim. His function was taken by Silvia Radu and presented to the colleagues from the City Hall.

''As a general mayor of the Capital, there was called Silvia Radu. I am thankful she accepted this'', said Nistor Grozavu.

Silvia Radu says she accepted the function because Grozavu asked her. I have never think about becoming a mayor and to participate at the elections the future year. But, when the moment is right, we will discuss about this'', said Silvia Radu, the interim of the Capital.

After she received the function, Silvia Radu moved in her new cabinet, that previously belonged to Dorin Chirtoaca. There was created a special commission who inventoried Chirtoaca's belongings.

''i didn't choose this cabinet. This cabinet always belonged to the mayor. I didn't manage to bring my stuff here, because I entered in the cabinet in the evening, when they finished the inventory from this cabinet'', said Silvia Radu, the interim of the Capital.

''I am still open to cooperate with the Municipal Council. I make a big accent on the professionalism of the people from the Chisinau City Hall.''

Grozavu's decision was taken after the subject of calling in function of the vice mayors was repeated within the agenda of the Chisinau Municipal Council. According to the legislation, the mayor has the right to name the vice mayors.

''Many advisers who voted for this and told me they have nothing to do with those two candidates. This is the decision of the party they represent and they can't do anything with it'', said Nistor Grozavu, the vice mayor of the Capital.

Those stipulations that permit the mayor to chose his vice mayors take part of the legislation since the last year, at the Liberal party's proposal.

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