Silvia Radu is still unsure if she wishes to run for Mayor

Interim mayor of the Capital, Silvia Radu is still unsure if she wishes to run for Mayor at the next elections, after on Friday, Dorin Chirtoacă resigned. However, Radu is convinced that were she to run for Mayor, she will be an independent candidate and will refuse the support of any party. In a TV show on TVC 21 channel, Radu declared that she will speak of this matter with her family.

"It will not be only my decision, but one we will take together. I promise you that once the decision is made, I will not become the representative of any party and will not play politics. I will not be embarrassed to leave the City Hall and never return, because all my actions were sincere and done for the people" interim Mayor Silvia Radu declared.

Interim Mayor of the Capital claims that liberals, who were at helm of the City Hall until now, are doing everything to cripple the begun reforms. Silvia Radu even spoke of  liberal Valeriu Munteanu's actions, who never misses the chance to criticize her.

"Mr. Munteanu, is a famous luxurious unemployed man of the so-called Moldova's politics, as he never performed other functions than those given to him by the party, yet he pretends to be a specialist in all fields. At the time when he, his brother and more relatives have infiltrated the City Hall and did some shady actions more or less known, which at one point will all be revealed" Silvia Radu added.

Silvia Radu also announced during the TV show that she has no intention to become a candidate at the parliamentary elections from this autumn.

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