Silvia Radu: I voted for citizen-oriented ruler

Independent candidate for mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu exercised her right to vote this morning, she was accompanied by her husband and their daughter and son.

"Today I voted for the inhabitants of Chisinau to have a ruler to work for the city and its inhabitants in order to continue those changes that started at the Chisinau City Hall.

I voted for Chisinau to leave aside the political interests. I believe that the true stake of this vote is the day when Chisinau can take the capital back and the day when I choose a leader to work for the city and the people who live here.

I have come with my family and with my son and daughter, they vote now, they are at the ballot boxes, "said independent candidate Silvia Radu.

PUBLIKA reminds that more than 630,000 Chisinau inhabitants are expected to cast their votes for the mayor. The same number of 32-cm vote tickets are printed. The vote takes place until 21:00. 

For the elections to be considered valid, at least 25 percent of the number of people entered on the electoral roll must be at the polls.

If none of the 11 candidates accumulate at least half of the voters' votes, in two weeks, on June 3, the second round will take place.

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