Silvia Radu complained to authorities of being banned from a construction site in Buiucani

Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu has complained to authorities for having been denied access to a construction site in Buiucani sector. Interim Mayor Silvia Radu, together with a commission went to check the building violations. This was after local people filed regarding illegalities in this building. However, the official couldn't enter the territory as construction company's lawyers blocked her the access. 

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People were unhappy with the construction of a new nine floors blocks near ground floor houses. Due to those works, the walls of more building from nearby were fissured. In 2014, when the company has only begun the foundation, 56 signatures were signed supporting the project.

Citizens claim that the document was false and have already been to the court. At the moment, the works are suspended, while the Court of Appeal is analyzing the case.

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