Silvia Radu celebrates 100 days since becoming interim Mayor of the Capital

It has been 100 days since Silvia Radu took the office as interim Mayor of the Capital. With this occasion, the official released a video on social networks, where she speaks of the state the City Hall was in upon her arrival and what she had done to improve it.

"I started making order and introduced discipline. Took measures to ensure transparency. There is nothing to hide. You can see what your money are used for. We begun solving certain problems. Did what should have been done years ago" Silvia Radu said.

Since Silvia Radu assumed her duty in the City Hall, many chiefs were fired due to not taking their position seriously. Among them counts Head of Public Transport Department Oleg Poiată and Head of Education, Youth and Sport Department, Alexandru Fleaș.

Silvia Radu became the Capital's interim Mayor on 6 November 2017, after Nistor Grozavu, who was occupying the position, resigned.

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