SHOW on the streets from Chisinau. French team supporters played their own match in the city center

There are still several hours left until the historic match between Moldova and France. Until then, a few supporters of the world football champion, France, gathered in the morning in front of the hotel in Chisinau, where the French stars are staying, hoping to take pictures or get autographs. And as the expectation was more enjoyable, the youngsters played their own match on the sidewalk in front of the hotel.

The small supporters say they have given up their morning sleep to see their idols in France. 

"We're waiting to take pictures or take an autograph. Griezmann gave me an autograph yesterday".

"I think it's a unique opportunity to see such performance players and first of all I want a picture with them to boast at school, friends".

Children say they will be watching the game tonight, and some are convinced that "tricolor" will be imposed. 

"I will support our team that will play against France. I think we have some chances".

"I would like Moldova to win, but I think France will win 3-0".

The match between Moldova and France will be played on the Zimbru stadium starting at 21.45 and will be broadcast live on Prime TV.

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