SHOCKING! NEWBORN found stuck in toilet after mother gave birth in BATHROOM (PHOTO/VIDEO)

A newborn girl was saved after being found stuck head-first down a toilet after her mother gave birth in a bathroom.The 24-year-old surnamed Yue was unaware that she was about to give birth as she thought it was just a normal stomach pain, according to DailyMail.

Yue left the apartment after finding out that her baby was a girl and put her in the toilet bowl with her head down.

According to the People's Daily Online, Yue's flatmate called the police as she accompanied Yue to hospital at midnight on April 18.

Nanjing police officers found a newborn baby girl stuck in the toilet bowl upside down.

Footage shows the baby crying as she is rescued by one of the officers.

They wrapped her in a thick duvet and had to rush to Maigaoqiao Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital.

Nurses asked for the baby's parents and the police officer replied: 'We heard that the mother was sent to the hospital as she did not know how to handle the baby.'

Yue's flatmate explained to a local tv station in an interview that she had no idea that Yue was pregnant.

She said: 'We got scared. I asked her if she wanted to call the police. She looked too sick so we went to the hospital and I reported the baby to the police.'

She also said that Yue had met a man a year ago and got pregnant by accident.She did not notice any symptoms of pregnancy.

It is believed that Yue went to the bathroom after having stomach pains in the middle of the night.

She was shocked when she gave birth, leaving the baby stuck in the toilet bowl at home.

Nanjing policemen confirmed that the baby was not harmed. They are now trying to contact Yue's family.

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