Shocking footage shows a Chinese woman beating her husband's so-called mistress

Shocking footage has emerged of a Chinese woman beating her husband's alleged mistress in public with the help of her friends, reports Daily Mail.

According to reports, the incident took place in Bozhou, east China's Anhui province.

In the video, the group of women can be seen shouting and hitting the other woman who they claim had been seeing one of their husbands. In the footage, the alleged mistress can be seen on the floor surrounded by the women and onlookers. Her top appears to have been broken in the altercation. 

A woman, who was wearing a beige top and thought to be the wife, can be seen grabbing the mistress by her hair and trying to slam her to the floor before slapping her repeatedly across the face. The victim slumps to the floor before a woman starts stamping on her head and back. The women then start pushing the girl around and try to take her clothes off as she cries.

An older woman steps in to try and stop the ordeal however it doesn't have much effect.  Others stand by and watch. The women start recording and taking pictures of the alleged mistress on their mobile phones as she continues to cry. A woman grabs the girl by her hair and pushes her back so she can get a better recording while another member of the group continues to slap her. 

An angry woman who claims to be the wife of the cheating husband asks the victim 'do you not recognise me?' The group continue to shout at the alleged mistress until the video ends. 

People have been discussing the video on China's social media sites. 

On China's Twitter-like Weibo, people say the actions of the group of women were wrong. One user wrote: 'Why is the woman to blame. Surely the man has problems and is to blame.' While another commented: 'You should hit your man.' And one user said: 'This wife is really ugly. Like an old woman.' 

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