She said YES. Young couple from Capital engaged at the Christmas Fair

She said YES on the Christmas night. Two young from the Capital engaged at the Christmas Fair from the Maria Biesu Theater of Opera and Ballet. Now, they make plans for the weeding.

The dancers danced on "Merry Me" melody. Dumitru Selaru made a flashmob, as they met at a dance school. 

"Their are a family now."

The young man, 23 says he didn't expect this moment will be that great.

"When are you planning to do the weeding? -When my wife will decide", said Dumitru Selaru, future husband.

The future bride, aged 23 says she couldn't look forward for this moment.

"In the past days he was preparing something, but I didn't know what. I didn't expect the proposal will be organized in such a beautiful way", said Tatiana Cebotari, future bride.

Even if they are together for a half of a year, they say that they didn't hurry.

"I don't see a point to wait", said Dumitru Selaru.

The family of the young says he is glad about the new member of their family.

"We support him. We love him. We will help them in everything they do", said Victoria Selaru, young man's mother.

The visitors of the Christmas fair are impressed.

"It is very beautiful."
Dumitru and Tatiana will marry the next year.

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