Shades of public opinions on tablet purchase for Moldovan MPs

Public opinion is divided on the news that Moldovan Parliament members plan to buy 110 new tablets priced at over 2 million lei. Some gadget stores even developed a marketing strategy by displaying advertisement on their products as an offer to lawmakers, only at lower prices.

A gadget store in Chisinau made an offer: 110 tablets at a price of almost 10 thousand lei per unit, which will save the state budget almost 1 million lei. 

A number of Moldovans believe MPs could work with cheaper gadgets or would rather give up these purchases. 

"I think a tablet can be bought at lower price. I know there are cheaper tablets". 

"It's costly. This money could be spent on books for schools or something else". 

While others think MPs also deserve using tablets. 

"Students now have tablets. Why's not for MPs?"

On the Parliament's website, the officials came with some details regarding the purchase of tablets. These would be necessary for the proper functioning of the e-parliament system, in particular e-voting. The gadgets will be mounted in the plenary room and will be immobile. The project is implemented by UNDP Moldova and co-financed by the Government of Sweden and the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

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