Sexual education through theater. Young Moldovans eager to rid society of prejudice

Plays about sexual education will be staged in a Social Theater project starting today. The dramas will be played in Moldova’s districts, as 35 troupes of young people have already formed. They want to use art to change people’s views and get society rid of prejudice.

Over 50 troupes vied to be selected this year for the project. The young enthusiasts what to make their voices heard in their communities. 

The project coordinators say the teenagers are active and eager to participate in emancipating the society. The contest is funded by the Youth and Sports Ministry.

"Being a governmental institution, the Ministry backs the youths to help them assert themselves, to broach the issues they cope with," said a Ministry representative, Constantin Țurcanu.

The festival will end in November, when the young people will stage their plays.

According to the UN Population Fund, only 1/3 of the young Moldovans are aware of the HIV virus, as the number of minor girls getting pregnant this year is twice bigger than in Europe.

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