Several NGOs returned idea of referendum to cancel mixed electoral system

Several NGOs have intended again to collect signatures for a referendum to cancel the mixed voting which is contrary to the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

Some of them, however, seem to have failed to understand what mixed vote means and are confused in statements:

"Let it be the mixed system, but over a cycle and it will be normal."

"They have introduced this mixed system, I have read about 20 times and I do not understand what you can choose where you go."

A month ago, the Central Electoral Commission rejected the first request to register the initiative group for the referendum. The CEC reasoned its decision by detecting several errors and deviations in the presented set of documents.

Additionally, according to the Code of Best Practices on the Referendum adopted by the Council for Democratic Elections and the Venice Commission, the electoral system must be amended only at least one year before the election.

But plebiscite initiators do not want to take these recommendations into consideration.

"This one-year term refers to new systems, but we want to go back to the old system that Parliament has already been elected once, many times in fact," said the member of the civic initiative, Ştefan Gligor.

The organization of a referendum to cancel the mixed electoral system would cost the public budget 60 million lei.

According to a survey previously conducted by IMAS, 45 per cent of citizens don't favor holding such referendum.

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