Service of Information and Security belongs to Russia from now on. Why

PAS and PPDA want the Service of Security and Information to be managed by the president Igor Dodon, even though he represents Russian interests.

The ACUM block and PSRM' MPs voted for such a project of law today. Also, they will name the director of SIS.

DPM MPs warned that in case SIS will be managed by the president Igor Dodon, Russia will interfere in the internal affairs of Moldova.

"Tell me, please how would you explain this movement? How can you give SIS to a pro-Russia president?", said Vladimir Cebotari, DPM MP.

"I don't know anything about that", said Vasile Bolea, PSRM deputy.

The project of law regarding offering SIS to the president was approved in the first lecture. Alexandru Jizdan, former minister of Interior Affairs warned ACUM block about the mistake that they might do.

"Do you understand that this is an attempt to turn SIS into an office that would serve Russia's interests? We should have done as Romanian do, the senate votes for the director of SIS", said Alexandru Jizdan. 

"SIS will be a structure of the national security, it will fight against all the power usurpation attempts", said Igor Grosu, PAS deputy.

In 2016, SIS was given under the control of the parliament. Recently, some footage of Igor Dodon telling Vlad Plahotniuc about the federalization plan for Moldova appeared in press. The democrats rejected these plans.

Dodon:"We should federalize the country. Zinaida Greceanii and you should sign for it."

Vlad Plahotniuc: It is confidential.

Dodon: Me and Kozak thought about this plan yesterday. We will translate it.

Vlad Plahotniuc: I will call it "special status".

Dodon: It will be like Gagauzia or even less.


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