Sergiu Sirbu's statement at OSCE meeting: PDM wants fair elections

Democratic Party wants fair and civilized election campaign of all candidates.

The statement was made by the Democrat MP Sergiu Sirbu, during a meeting with representatives of the OSCE, who will monitor the elections on October 30th.

"The Democratic Party wants the presidential election to be transparent and fair, according to all international standards. We rely heavily on the experience of OSCE in the monitoring of these elections and we hope that all their recommendations are taken into account" , said MP PDM, Sergiu Sirbu.

According to the Democrat deputy, it is important that elections to be monitored by both national observers and the international ones, for them to be recognized externally.

OSCE mission representatives have come up with a series of recommendations to improve the electoral process.

At the same time, they condemn the attempts of several candidates to prevent the meetings of PD candidate, Marian Lupu with the voters.


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