Sergiu Sîrbu remains hospitalized in neurosurgery department. What the doctors say about PDM deputy's situation

PDM Deputy Sergiu Sîrbu made the first statements after being attacked by one of the leaders of the extremist organization Antifa, the recidivist Pavel Grigorciuc. The Democrat said Grigorciuc had hit him on the right part of head, not a simple hit by palm as Grigorciuc apologized.

According to Sergiu Sîrbu, while heading to a cafe in the Stefan cel Mare public garden, he met with Eduard Rudenco, lawyer of Veaceslav Platon and ACUM supporter Pavel Grigorciuc. The latter seemed to be nervous after joining the protest organized by PAS-DA in front of Parliament. 

"Once he noticed me, he started shouting and insulting, swearing. We suggested him to visit a cafe and talk. I failed to open the door as I was aggressively pulled out by Grigorciuc. After a second, I felt a strong hit against my right head. I didn't get with what he hit me. But it was a very strong hit", mentioned Sergiu Sîrbu. 

Doctors at the Emergency Hospital determined that the deputy suffered from a cerebral concussion.

Sergiu Sîrbu said he felt better today. 

The police initiated a criminal case upon this situation. If found guilty, Pavel Grigorciuc risks up to 5 years in jail. 

"The patient remains hospitalized in the neurosurgery department. The trauma he suffered isn't life-threatening. He needs to continue treatments according to the established diagnosis", said Cristina Gori, spokeswoman for the Emergency Hospital.

In a press release, the Democratic Party expressed its indignation at the assault against the deputy Sîrbu.

Moreover, PDM asked the ACUM bloc to publicly denounce violent behavior of their political partner - the recidivist Pavel Grigorciuc. Furthermore, the bloc should stop involving such persons in their political activity. 

Despite the Democrats' appeal, physical aggression is encouraged by some deputies of ACUM bloc such as Maria Ciobanu. She wrote on Facebook that Sergiu Sîrbu "is looking for her with the candle". 

This is not the first time that Maria Ciobanu has supported violence. Before, the former Liberal Democrat deputy wrote on social platform that she would hit the head of journalist Victor Nichituş, because she disliked his opinion. After that, several media organizations condemned Maria Ciobanu's insults and hateful speeches which didn't seem to be related with freedom of speech. 

Moreover, NGOs urged Ciobanu to show decent and fair behavior in relations with the press.

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