Sergiu Sîrbu: Referendum against uninominal voting system is wrong, undemocratic and anti-European

PDM deputy, Sergiu Sîrbu declared in an interview for that the idea to make a referendum to cancel the uninominal voting system is wrong, undemocratic and anti-European. While those who promote it are creating a confusion, as they probability do not know the legislation.

"Law No. 154 from 2017, which introduced the uninominal voting system for the Parliamentary elections, cannot be simply canceled. It is a modified and complete law, which already brought effects and is part of Republic of Moldova's electoral Code. According to the law, if there was a wish to revert to the previous electoral system, a new law must be promoted", Sîrbu said.

"PDM does not support such thing. You seem to forget that the actual uninominal voting system took a few months to introduce. There were public debates, talks in the Parliament, signature collection, foreign expertise. Therefore, if a deputy begun today to write a law project and went through all the stages, perhaps, by April 2018 the project might be voted and approved, supposing that there is political support for it- which in truth, does not. This would have been a shortcut - meaning a referendum. But the Venice Commission and OSCE does not recommend a change in electoral law, at least one year before elections. Today, at this very moment, we have one year till the elections. We cannot change the rules now, because it would go against democracy and could disturb the legitimacy of parliamentary elections.  It would be wrong, it would be undemocratic and anti-European" Sergiu Sîrbu said.

According to the official, a referendum might cost the state budget no less than 60 million lei, money, the budget cannot afford and will have to be taken from another place.

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