Sergiu Sirbu on Nastase's show at Central Election Commission

Scandal at Central Election Commission session. Chairman of "Dignity and Truth" party, behing which stay Tops mobsters made a show.

Andrei Nastase came to submit collected signatures, and when CEC members wanted to record them, he blamed them for law violations.

The wedding godson of Topa mobser accused CEC employees that they are not allowed to collect signatures on a day off. CEC president rejected all accusations and lawyer Sergiu Sirbu wrote on social media that Commission's actions are completely legal. 

Sirbu claims that Nastase made the show because he needs more time till Monday to collect signatures and that Topa mobsters organized the scandal.

The Democrat affirms that Nastase is illegally collecting signatures. He published a request by a group of citizens from Sipoteni village, Calarasi district that affirms that Nastase would have forget signatures. 

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