Sergiu Sirbu on formation of uninominal electoral constituencies in country and Diaspora

During the second round of hearings, MP Sergiu Sirbu has presented the formation criteria of uninominal constituencies in the country, but also in the Transnistrian region and in the Diaspora.

"CEC has 101 permanent constituencies. The electoral constituencies are formed on the territorial principle in one or more neighboring localities, based on an equal number of voters in each constituency. The basis for the formation of constituencies is the number of voters enrolled in the electoral rolls in the last election. If there are more voters in a locality, than the average for a uninominal constituency forms several constituencies.

To create constituencies abroad will take into account the details of each diplomatic mission in each state. The pre-registration will be done long before the elections in order to see the number of voters. Depending on the number of polling stations, we know we need each electoral constituencies abroad. Accordingly, the CEC shall specify the geographical map of the electoral constituencies abroad.

Uninominal constituency list will be published in the Official Gazette.

Regarding the Transnistrian region, it will be the same, because we consider the Transnistrian region a part of Modlova.


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