Sergiu Sîrbu on bank fraud report: Its purpose is let Platon and Filat off the hook

The report of the Commission of Inquiry on elucidating the circumstances of the devaluation of the banking system is aimed to clean the image of Veaceslav Platon and Vlad Filat. The statement was made by Democrat Sergiu Sîrbu, who also noted that the current report is subjective and unprofessional.

According to him, the real problem of the Republic of Moldova is the inefficiency of the current government.

"This Commission had a very determined purpose from the start: to falsify the truth, to let Filat and Platon off the hook. I want to say that the real purpose of this report is to clean the image of Platon and Filat. It's absolutely subjective, unprofessional report which is made at the command of the parliamentary ruling alliance without the participation of the opposition. 

Obviously there's no way for us to join in this prank and circus which are aimed to clean the image of the ones who involved in the bank fraud. The parliamentary faction of Democratic Party doesn't want to involve in this stage. All the information we have, we make it available to the public. The real problem of the Republic of Moldova is the inefficiency of the government. These are grave social economic problems", said Democrat Sergiu Sîrbu.



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