Sergiu Sîrbu: Introducing uninominal voting will make politicians more responsible

Introducing the uninominal voting will make politicians more responsible, said Democrat parliamentarian Sergiu Sîrbu at a the debates staged by several NGOs and the think-tanks Viitorul and Adept in Chisinau. 

"Why do you think there are people against it? Because they will not be able to drink coffee and draw this list of hopefuls. Because the candidates will be nominated by the Moldovan people. I repeat the question: why are they against it? Because they are afraid," the deputy said.

Some political analysts consider the parliamentary party must find a compromise to change the electoral system.

"There are parties in the Parliament with the idea of the uninominal voting in their platforms. It’s the Liberal Democratic Party, the Socialists Party. There are all the odds this consensus appears and we’ll have this change of the electoral system society largely wants," Cornel Ciurea said.

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Nastase gets slammed after calling local officials 'local barons'

The leader of the DA PLatform Party, Andrei Nastase, gave a speech offending the local elected, at the debates.

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