Sergiu Sirbu deputy attacked by Pavel Grigorciuc. DPM deputy suffered concussion

(UPDATE 16:23) Wife of deputy Sergiu Sîrbu came up with some clarification: Sergiu was waiting for me. We needed to meet. Pavel Grigorciuc was passing along with Platon's lawyer and shouting in loudspeaker "you traitor". Sergiu said "let's talk in the cafe". When I entered there, Sergiu was sitting on a chair, losing consciousness. We got in the car with colleagues and took him to the hospital. He underwent investigations. The doctors said it was a strong brain stroke. The worse part is the strokes were applied in the temple area. He is currently hospitalized", said Ina Sârbu.

(UPDATE 15:56) The deputy suffered a concussion and was transported to the Emergency Hospital from the Capital.

(UPDATE 15:54) Sergiu Sirbu DPM deputy was attacked at a cafe from the center of the Capital by Pavel Grigorciuc who is sentenced to four years in prison. The information was confirmed by Ina Sirbu, his wife, who was an eyewitness of this case.

Now, the deputy was hospitalzied.

Eduard Revenco, the lawyer of the No.1 raider in CSI, Veaceslav Platon surrounded Pavel Grigorciuc.

The police was alerted about this case. 


(15:50) Sergiu Sirbu democratic deputy was attacked by Pavel Grigorciuc.

The deputy lost his consciousness.


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