Sergiu Sirbu: Cheap show aka Andrei Nastase

The Democrat Sergiu Sirbu contradicts "Dignity and Truth" party leader Andrei Nastase, behind which stay mobsters Topa and says that submitting lists of signatures was perfectly legal to do today, on Sunday September 10th. Statement made after Nastase accused representatives of Central Election Commission of breaking the law. 

Sergiu Sirbu said that there is evidence of fake in the collection of signatures for Andrei Nastase. 

"Cheap show by Andrei Nastase. He doesn't understand politics, he doesn't decide anything in politics. Everything is decided by olighars Topa, but he is playing the lawyer. Submitting the lists was perfectly legal today, but Topa 'prosecutor' also wanted a cheap show, to manipulate the citizens, like they did with the protests, when they used people's problems in the most cynical way and made a political party on their behalf.

Probably he has troubles collecting signatures, and needed more time till Monday.  

Oh yes. Annexes proof of forgery in gathering signatures of the brave man Nastase" , wrote Sirbu in a message posted on a social network."

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