Sergiu Sârbu: Promoting women in politics leads to modernization of the political class

At today's weekly session, PDM has elaborated an initiative which will be completed and forwarded to the Parliament, regarding the implementation of a mechanism promoting women in politics. PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc requested the Government to create conditions to promote women.

In this context, deputy Sergiu Sârbu believes that promoting women in politics leads to the modernization of the political class.

"Implementing a mechanism to promote women in politics. It is an obligation also foreseen in the recommendations provided by Venice Commission, but I believe it to be crucial for the modernization of the political class. This mechanism was already included in the electoral legislation, but at the same time, it will be developed for the connected legislation. Therefore, we wish for women to be intensively promoted in politics" PDM deputy, Sergiu Sârbu declared.

Electoral Code already contains norms through which were created conditions to promote women, but now this mechanism has to be develop in connected legislation, especially in laws and regulations of political parties. Therefore, an at least 10% budgetary supplement will be offered to parties made at least 40% out of women in uninominal circumscriptions.

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