Sergiu Sârbu about introducing integrity certificates for public and official workers

The leader of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc requested the Government to make integrity certificates for public workers and to improve the mechanism of verifying the integrity of the officials.

In this context, Sergiu Sarbu declared:

"Recently, this project of law was registered in the Parliament of Republic of Moldova and comes a as continuing of implementing Moldova's responsibilities to the fight against corruption, improving the integrity mechanism and fulfilling the Venice Commission's tasks that target the candidate's integrity. These mechanisms and norms have already been introduced in the Election Code of Republic of Moldova. Thus, this integrity certificate will be a document emitted by National Integrity Authority within 15 days. None of the offices won't be able to refuse the release of such a certificate."

The documents contains the following: information of the wealth, incompatibilities, conflicts of interests, information of limits and restrictions.

In the election code there has already been introduced the necessity to present the integrity certificates of the candidates. Now, we make another step to develop this mechanism in the whole legislation.


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